Civics numbers and letters

Ceramics civic numbers and letters. Since the 70’s, we are the inventors of the unique modular civic numbers in relief ceramic. In living memory, the houses of the Amalfi Coast are marked by civic numbers painted by hand on the ceramic, typical trait of the Mediterranean houses, beloved all over the world

A long time ago, civic numbers were produced in numbered series, from 1 to 100, upon customer’s request: the artisan painted the number on a tile 10×10 or 15×15 tile. Bigger numbers required more space, with a significant waste of time for the producer and small margin for customization. Than one man’s brilliant intuition changed everything.

Luciano Tastardi Sr., founder of “Creazioni Luciano”, wanted to make this process fast and functional, to obtain a more affordable, versatile and charming. So, he came up with the fantastic idea of modular civic numbers: each number from 0 to 9 is produced in series and realized so that it possible to compose, with the others, strings of numbers shorter or longer, realized with our relief technique of which we are leaders globally, fully customizable with fascinating decorations. This incredible novelty made the ceramic civic number tradition, to whom has been added letters, known all over the world and copied by a vast number of producers. Creazioni Luciano’s ones, although, remain the only and unparalleled, reason why we are leaders in the world.

*Some of the pieces are realized upon ordination and thus they need of 15 days of processing, at least*

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Ceramica d’arte dal 1955. Handmade in Italy


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