creazioni luciano

our history


Lamberto Tastardi, a.k.a. “Luciano”, after studying with prof. Rossi from 1940 to 1955, begins to work as a ceramic decorator, with the best ceramic factories in Salerno, such as D’Agostino and Ernestine, and Musa in Vietri sul Mare. In 1955, Luciano sets up his own business, “Creazioni Luciano”. He devotes himself to hand-painted fabrics, into which he transfers the decoration of ceramics, consisting of swift and definitive brushstrokes. He devises a method of manual printing based on dipping molds – which he makes himself from tire tubes – into color, obtaining abstract fantasies. His curtains, exhibited at industry exhibitions (SAMIA, MITAM), catch the attention of famous architect Giò Ponti who, thinking this was the work of a well-established manufacturer, writes a letter to Luciano from the editorial office of Domus /(important Italian architecture/design/art magazine)*, expressing appreciation for his work.



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