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It has been since 1955 that Creazioni Luciano has built a fundamental role in the production of ceramic souvenir items throughout the Peninsula. This thanks to a product created by Luciano Tastardi Senior characterized by white relief drawing adorned, with vivid vitreous colours, one by one, by the skilful hands of our decorator artisans, who make the product highly recognizable. 

It dates back to thirty years ago the invention of the typical letters and combinable numbers which today have become a cult article all over the world. Unfortunately these items are more and more frequently reproduced in low quality copies by an unfair competition which, apart from damaging our economy, generates a serious ethic problem, that of making an unaware foreign visitor buy an unauthentic reproduction, which has not, of course, all the valuable characteristics of our handmade Italian product. With the result for them of bringing back home a fake copy, having nothing of our land and our tradition.
Our firm offers, to professional dealers who manage gift shops, a large choice of hand-crafted items “MADE IN ITALY” ; their subjects have a great variety, from those of general character to others that show the most famous and cultural places in Italy. Moreover it is possible to arrange, in accordance with the dealers, the realization of new personalized objects with the view or the landscape in which the shop is located, provided that there is a minimum commissioning of items which compensates for the installation’s cost. In this way, each dealer, can offer the visitors, the possibility to bring home an object which will be a true reminder of the Italian manufactures.
In our vast choice, competitively priced, you may have a great opportunity, as long as the order is not less than 500,00 euro.

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